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We have an advisory position to align face-to-face with the requirements of the demand it needs;
In this case we define: the quantitative and who will be the internal professionals of the Organization to participate in the Assessment Project, align expectations with the need to apply the project, discuss about the purpose of evaluation to occupy a following leadership line or to just feel if the candidate is in the right place, etc.
Our 360º Assessment provides organizations with a deeper understanding of the talents they have, as well as, has the objective of filling some kind of gap not yet perceived in any specific sector.
This methodology allows the company to have the right combination of the right people in the right place, assisting in the success of the business strategy, and in reaching and correctly planning the steps necessary to grow and remain aligned with the company hierarchy.
In this way, an excellent result is achieved through an integrated and complete presentation, crossing the employees' behavioral and functional profiles.
Our Research team supports the client's Human Resources sector to create the best timeline for scheduling interviews and class schedule availability for project participation.
Our team of senior advisors is highly trained to conduct competency interviews and apply the most disruptive online assessment tools on the market;
The MX Human Resources headhunter team is also comprised of psychologists with mastery of key behavioral tests and experience in developing very detailed technical advice so that the client has a reliable analysis of the profile of their employees and the results they will continue to bring to the Organization.
After evaluating all internal employees, we prepare a final material to be presented to the client, ranking the most adaptable employees immediately to the next hierarchical step of the Company.
We give a glance to those employees who are not yet ready for a next step in the Organization and investigate what tools the client should have to continue with the motivation of these employees;
We share feedback with all Project Assessment participants;
We also provide a detailed opinion of each participant of the Project Assessment of the Organization, prepared by our team of psychologists.
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