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We have an advisory position to personally align with the customer the demand requirements that he or she needs;
In this case we define: quantitative of vacancies, graduations of interest, areas of the Organization to be filled, alignment of expectations with the need to apply the project, etc.
We assist our clients in the structuring of Internship & Trainee Programs, facilitating the agreement with universities to recruit the best talent.
Our Research team supports MX Humam Resources Senior Consultants to partner with universities;
We adapt our special Hotsite to the client's logo and history in order to generate interest in the vacancies offered and to capture registrations for the selection process;
We have created a unique layout for each cycle of the publicity campaign;
We have evidence of logical reasoning, testing through the system and managing the level of general knowledge of the candidates.
The team of Senior Psychologists from MX Human Resources is organized in a structure to receive the candidates and Managers of the client for panels with group dynamics. Each room will have a psychologist from the MX Human Resources and a Client Manager to evaluate the candidates at the same time;
The Client Representative Manager will receive a book with all curricular structure of each candidate in the room and must fill and rank the successful candidates;
Once the candidates have been selected, the participants must undergo a behavioral testing phase with the Psychologists of our organization.
Those approved from the previous stage are submitted in the selective process to medical examinations by the client's human resources sector;
MX Human Resources will share feedback with all participants.
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